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  • Window Wiper System

    Window wipers are specially designed to withstand sea water corrosion and demanding working conditions on the high seas, particularly in times of severe winds and storms. The units are sturdily built to withstand gun recoil shocks. The equipment is generally supplied for use on the E.C.P., F.O. Bridge and Flyco in a totally assembled condition along with the fractional horsepower induction/ commutitor motor required for it. The unit can be switched on to high speed or low speed as required from its control box. The frame is made of Navy grade aluminium extrusion materials to withstand sea weather.

    • Internally / Externally mounted motor
    • Defense and Type approved
    • Corrosion proof body and motor enclosure
    • Capable of withstanding gun recoil shocks

    Heavy Duty Straight Line


    Straight line motion having bulky construction, these system are preferred for worships or defence vessels were greater vibration resistant is desired.

    Light Weight Straight Line


    Straight line motion wipers with high quality light weight components with rigid design. These are preferred for ships were weight is a constraint such as fast attack petrol vessels (FPVs)/ corevettes.

    Curviliner / Pentograph

    Curved motion wipers used for small-mid size vessels component in design, preferred for smaller windows

    Wiper Control System

    Modern electronic control systems includes MCB, Sensors and PLCs for multitasking group operations of washing, wiping, heating and group control.

    • Variable speed operation : slow, fast, intermittent
    • Individual / group control options
    • Self parking mechanism
    • IP enclosure
    • Touch screen HMI
    • Economised options available
    • Environmently tested
  • Window

    Bridge windows are manufacture customized meeting ISO / class requirement. These are specially design to highest standards for defense requirement such as blast/shock resistant, five proof, electromagnetic shielding.

    • Custom built- Fixed / Openable, Bolted/ Welded
    • Aluminium, brass and stainless steel frame profiles
    • Bullet-proof/shock – proof / explosion-proof/blast-proof
    • Electromagnetic shielding
    • Rader cross section integrated
    • Optimised transparency
    • As per latest BSMA 24/25, ISO 3903/21005, SOLAS 74
    • Options- Wiper Integrated
  • Integrated Wiper Window

    Integrated Wiper-window system is our latest offering under bridge solutions. Its unique design is aimed at providing single product solution for windows on board marine vessels. It is a unified system of window, wiper and motor assembled in a single mainframe body. Compact in appearance and reliable in operation, this revolutionary product has evoked tremendous interest among clients worldwide.

    • Extreme light-weight design
    • Mainframe of stainless steel or aluminum.
    • Heavy duty blade arm: single/double bladed for continuous operation
    • Integrated water spray arrangement
    • Drip-proof motor with suitable IP, EMI/EMC shielding and insulation.
    • Unified water-tight robust assembly
    • Direct welding on super-structure
    • Type approval certification.
  • Pneumatic Transmission System

    These systems operate by a 3-stage turbo blower which creates pressure or vacuum in the system dependent on the setting of manually operated reversing valve. Presently used aboard special ships, this type of system has varied applications in hotels, banks, offices and even factories for carrying samples and test reports for process control.

    • 3-stage turbo blower
    • High repeatability & Accuracy
    • In-built with cupronickel
  • Integrated Bridge Console

    Our experience with bridge systems has elevated us to integrated various system such as multifunction console/displays (MFCs/MFDs), sensors integration, data distribution for Interfashing equipments listed below.

      • Bridge Navigational and Alarm system
      • Explosive Proof Communication
      • GMDSS
      • Rader
      • ECDIS
      • Auto Pilot System
      • GYRO
      • Power Management System