Hull & Deck Systems

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  • Heavy Duty Fittings

    Marine Door

    • Robust MS, SS and Al all weatherproof construction
    • Water-tight / Non-water-tight
    • Fire-rated class A0 / A60
    • Automated / manually operated
    • Suitable for Off-shore applications also


    • Spring loaded / spring-free
    • Oval or Square / rectangular shape geometry
    • Durability for all purpose maritime use
    • Flushed with / raised above the deck
    • Fast acting with rigid bolts

    Window Scuttles

    • Mainframe and glass holder of brass or aluminum
    • Deadlight opening to the top, blasted and shop primed
    • Glass retaining ring
    • Toughened safety glass
    • As per ISO norms


    • Turbine / P.D type
    • High level of accuracy, repeatability and capability to withstand hydraulic shocks
    • Suitable for organic / cryogenic fluids
    • Built-in analog and digital flow rate indicator and totaliser, frequency counter and controls
    • Flow calibrator correlation services included with supply in compliance with NIST, USA
  • Modular Accommodation

    • Paneling, ceiling, flooring and Insulation
    • Furniture
    • Toilet Module
    • Piping System
    • Complete Interiors